Program Overview

Tiffani Thomas, MD, FAAFPA message from Tiffani Thomas, MD, FAAFP
Family Medicine Program Director​

I am delighted to extend a warm welcome to you on behalf of the Family Medicine Residency Program at Aiken Regional Medical Centers. As the Program Director, it is my privilege to introduce you to our esteemed institution and share our vision for fostering the next generation of competent, compassionate and conscientious family medicine physicians.

The mission of our Family Medicine Residency Program is clear and resolute: to train exceptional physicians in the full scope of family medicine practice. We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive and dynamic training environment that equips our residents with the knowledge, skills and empathy necessary to deliver top-quality healthcare to individuals and families across diverse communities.

One of our core values is a steadfast commitment to diversity and inclusivity. We firmly believe that a diverse physician workforce enriches patient care and enhances cultural competency. We actively foster an environment that celebrates and respects the uniqueness of each individual, regardless of background, race, ethnicity, gender or any other characteristic. Embracing diversity in all its forms not only enhances the care we provide but also promotes an inclusive and nurturing atmosphere for our residents and staff.

Furthermore, we understand the importance of physician wellness in promoting sustainable and successful medical careers. As a residency program, we prioritize the physical and emotional well-being of our residents. We provide a supportive and nurturing environment, encouraging open communication and access to resources that promote mental and physical health. By supporting our residents' wellness, we believe they will flourish as both skilled clinicians and well-rounded individuals.

Beyond our commitment to excellence in medical education, we take great pride in actively integrating ourselves into the community we serve. We firmly believe that community service is a vital aspect of medical practice and we offer a wide range of community service opportunities to our residents. Engaging with the community not only enables our residents to make a positive impact but also helps them understand the diverse healthcare needs and challenges faced by the population we serve.

When joining the Aiken Regional Family Medicine Residency Program, you will be part of a vibrant and supportive learning community. Our experienced faculty and staff are dedicated to providing you with the guidance and mentorship necessary to nurture your growth as a future leader in family medicine.

We are excited to receive your application and get to know you better. Join us in our journey to make a difference in the lives of countless patients and the community at large. Together, we can shape the future of family medicine and leave a lasting impact on healthcare.

Thank you for considering our program, and we look forward to meeting you soon.

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The curriculum for our three-year program consists of rotations at a wide variety of patient care areas throughout the hospital.

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Salaries and Benefits

We offer competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits package including medical, dental, vision and other benefits.

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Our faculty consists of prominent family medicine physicians with immeasurable experience and considerable years in the field.

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Wellness Program

We are dedicated to keeping residents physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually fit during their training.

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Application Process

Apply through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) application process.

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