How to Obtain Copies of Your Medical Records

Aiken Regional Medical Centers retains records of the medical care you receive in the Medical Records Department. These records are kept in strict confidence and are not released without the written consent of the patient, except as required by law.

Aiken Regioinal satisfies requests for medical records and billing for all inpatient, outpatient and clinical services affiliated with our hospital and facilities, including Aurora Pavilion. The Release of Information team will be happy to assist you in obtaining your completed medical records and/or billing information upon receipt of a valid authorization. You can mail, email, fax or personally deliver your authorization to release health information, or complete the below online request.

Online Requests

For the quickest response time, submit your medical record request through our online medical correspondence system. This includes requesting digital copies of your radiology images.

Paper Requests

Please download and complete the authorization form and return it to the hospital via mail, email, fax or in-person. Service fees for copies may apply.

Download the Authorization Form →

Mail: Aiken Regional Medical Centers
Attn: Medical Records/ROI
302 University Parkway
Aiken, SC 29801

Fax: 803-641-5030
In Person: First floor of hospital
Questions? Call 803-641-5066

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a copy of my medical records?

Complete an online request or submit a valid authorization request directly to the Medical Records Department by mail, email, fax or in-person. Please bring with you or submit a copy of your picture identification with your request. Examples include driver’s license, identification card, student identification or passport.

Can I request radiology images?

Yes. We are able to digitally share radiology images with you, your physician's office or another contact, as long as you provide authorization for Release of Information. A patient can request imaging records be sent through our online Release of Information portal. If sharing with a physician's office, an email address for the physician's office to receive the requested images is required. Images will be sent to the requested recipient via a direct link shared in a secure email.

Can my medical information be read to me over the telephone?

No. Medical information is confidential, and it cannot be released over the telephone.

Is there a fee to obtain a copy of my medical record?

Fees do apply for certain situations. No fee will be charged for records copied at the request of a healthcare provider or for records sent to a healthcare provider at the request of the patient for the purpose of continuing care. However, there is a fee charged for the search and duplication of medical records for personal reasons, attorney’s requests and insurance requests as outlined in South Carolina state statute, Section 44-7-130. Give us a call to discuss your situation at 803-641-5066. Payment must be made prior to records being released.

Should I request all of my medical records?

Not necessarily. You may only be looking for a certain document or specific information. Make sure to request only what you need when filling out the authorization. If you aren’t sure what you need, just give us a call at 803-641-5066 and we will be happy to assist you.

When should I expect to receive my medical records?

According to South Carolina Statute, Section 42-15-95, ARMC shall comply with a request for medical records no later than 30 days after the request has been received. Our goal is to complete requests within seven to 30 days of receipt. We understand that at times extenuating circumstances may mean that you cannot wait 30 days. Therefore, we make every effort to accommodate your needs.

Who can legally sign for medical records?

Patients and/or an individual who is named as a decision maker or attorney-in-fact under a healthcare power of attorney signed by the patient. A copy of the Durable Healthcare Power Of Attorney must be provided at the time of requesting records.

If the patient is deceased, the record must be requested by the court-appointed personal representative, who must present a raised seal original certificate of appointment issued by the Probate Court identifying the requester as the executor or executrix of the patient’s estate.

If the patient is under the age of 18, the patient’s parent may sign.

If the patient is 16 years of age or older, the parent may sign if the parent authorized the treatment which is recorded. If the patient is 16 years of age or older and authorized their own treatment, then the patient must authorize the release of information regarding the treatment.

Is Medical Records able to discuss billing information with me?

No, you can contact the Central Business Office at 803-641-5650.

Please call 803-641-5066 if you have any questions about medical records.