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Marie Gunter

“To me WE means being with groups of beautiful women that get together to celebrate life. You get the chance to converse with women from all walks of life and with different circumstances. You learn you’re not the “only one” and you always have back-up.

WE has given me time to spend with my wonderful mom, whom is a breast cancer survivor herself.“

Jane Murff

“When I first heard about the WE program, the word “empower” intrigued me. Learning more is always one of my goals. The seminars are informative and meeting new people is an interesting aspect of the program. The encouragement from staff and the interest in my personal health is a very rewarding part of the WE program.”

Brenda Cresswell

“Staying involved in women’s health issues after working for 30 years in public health just made sense to me. What better way to continue my commitment than joining with other local women in Aiken Regional Medical Centers initiative — Women Enlightened for Better Health (WE)! Camaraderie, compassion, caring, and connection define my WE experience.”

Liz Strycharz

"Joining WE has provided me with a support team that I have depended on many times. The benefits that WE has been making available to all its members includes seminars, their website with health education, and their quarterly newsletter which covers wellness for women in addition to other topics. Taking advantage of all these benefits has given me better awareness for keeping myself healthy.

Lisa Kucela

“My favorite part of WE is the Pearl Health Incentive Program. Two reasons why:
1. It is a great incentive to care for myself — it encourages me to get the screenings I need and helps me learn about my health through assessments and educational programs;
2. I especially like knowing that my donation is helping other women in my community. It’s a win-win. And the pearl necklace is beautiful."

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