A Breast Cancer Survivor’s Journey Begins with One Step

December 07, 2018
Quality of Life - A Breast Cancer Survivor’s Journey Begins with One Step

Hope. It’s what gets many survivors through the process. Susan Mars shares her journey – one filled with faith, hope, determination and gratitude for the support she received from The Cancer Care Institute of Carolina and Aiken Regional Medical Centers.

I always had my mammogram regularly, and then I started having diagnostic mammograms and ultrasounds due to problems with my left breast. I also had several biopsies. This went on for years. In 2016, the radiologist suggested I have an MRI, followed by a biopsy. It came back positive and I was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer.

I decided on a double mastectomy, followed by four rounds of chemotherapy, which began in January 2017 and ended in March 2017. I work at the Women’s Breast Health & Imaging Center, so I have been encouraged by the strength and courage of other women. I am blessed with a great support system - my husband and family, and also my ARMC family! The Bible was also of great comfort to me because it gave me hope for a better life.

Cancer does not know age or race, so do what you can to protect yourself and get your yearly mammogram. If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, do your homework, talk with your family and make a choice that will benefit all of you. Our choice was to have everything done right here.

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It starts with a team – the mammogram tech, the radiologist, the surgeon, the nurse, my family, my spiritual family, my ARMC family and the patients - they all encouraged me to continue to fight to win the battle against breast cancer. I look forward to when cancer will be in the past and we will all be healthy and free of pain.