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Quality of Life Fall 2016

Quality of Life from Aiken Regional Medical Centers is a publication designed to bring you the latest news as well as health and wellness information you can use throughout the year. You can read the latest issue here, or sign up to have Quality of Life mailed directly to your home.

In This Issue:
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Fall 2016

"Fighting Breast Cancer Became My Job"

Determination, faith in God and positive attitudes helped these four survivors after getting diagnosed with breast cancer.
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Fall 2016

The Cancer Care Institute of Carolina (CCIC)

Care you can trust, close to home. CCIC is dedicated to meeting your individual needs so you don't have to travel far to get the treatment you deserve.
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Fall 2016

From Minimally Invasive Procedures to Major Surgery

When the need for surgery arises, you want to feel comfortable with your surgeon as well as the facility. And from pre-op testing to postsurgical recovery, Aiken Regional Medical Centers has you covered.
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Fall 2016

WE Encourage Young Women to Live NOW. Live LATER.

Young breast cancer survivors share their stories.