Quality Of Life Spring 2018

Quality Of Life Spring 2019 (May)

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In This Issue:
Harmonie and her baby
Spring 2019 (May)

“Expecting” a great experience

When Harmonie Bellamy went into labor, she was excited to meet her first baby, a mere two and a half hours later.
individualized care for women of all ages
Spring 2019 (May)

Comprehensive, personal care for women through all stages of life

The Women’s LifeCare Center offers individualized care for women of all ages, from birth to retirement and beyond.
Spring 2019 (May)

Are you getting enough quality sleep?

Sleep is an essential component to your health and quality of life, but chronic sleeplessness can have a domino effect, potentially leading to heart conditions, diabetes and other health issues.
Fitness Apps
Spring 2019 (May)

Fitness at your fingertips

New fitness technology, both wearable and virtual, has become very popular in the last several years, along with cross training and interval training.
Too Much!
Spring 2019 (May)

Managing chronic stress

Deadlines, client meetings and manager expectations are all part of normal stressors at work. Practicing mindfulness and having an action plan can help you find your calm.
Keep skin supple
Spring 2019 (May)

Getting the facts about collagen

This versatile protein is touted for keeping skin supple, but its strength is more than skin deep.