Working with Your Physician to Heal a Wound

The Wound Healing Institute's care management program is designed to augment the physician’s ability to address a specific problem without interfering with his or her responsibilities for the overall care of the patient. Under this system, a specialized team evaluates and treats the wound, establishes measures to prevent its recurrence and informs the primary care physician of the patient’s progress. Some benefits of the care management approach include a high level of limb salvage in severe wounds, earlier recovery, less hospitalization and prevention of prolonged and/or permanent disability.

The Wound Healing Institute's program provides a thorough diagnostic appraisal of the wound and the patient, followed by a carefully designed case management program. The diagnostic and treatment plan is fully documented and communicated to the primary physician who remains an active member of the wound management team. The Institute's program incorporates a comprehensive outpatient center designed to complement physicians’ services. Physicians refer patients to the center for comprehensive wound management, but continue to treat the underlying condition and provide for the patient’s overall care.

Find a Doctor for Wound Care

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