Honoring Extraordinary Nurses with The DAISY Award

October 08, 2019
Honoring Extraordinary Nurses with The DAISY Award

From left: Director of 3M, Cassie Taylor, RN, MSN, CEN, SANE, and DAISY Award winner Jessica Wright, RN, 3M Night Shift Clinical Supervisor

Launched at Aiken Regional in March, The DAISY Award recognizes one nurse each quarter based on the nominations received from patients, guests, coworkers or community members. The program was established in 1999 by family members of Patrick Barnes, who was 33 when he died of complications from an autoimmune disease, explains Assistant Chief Nursing Officer Phyllis O’Neill, DNP, RN.

“We received 55 submissions, and it’s a testament to the difference our nurses make in the lives of patients, their families and coworkers,” she says. “They consistently demonstrate excellence through their clinical work and compassion. They are recognized as outstanding role models.” A DAISY Award winner will be announced each quarter, and nominations can be submitted through the website or at drop boxes throughout the hospital.

Continued Nursing Recognition

In addition to the quarterly DAISY Award, each year during Nurses Week, five nurses are chosen for the Florence Nightingale award. “Nominations can come from coworkers and directors, and the award recognizes excellence in service and in the profession of nursing,” says O’Neill. “We also give an award for ‘Tech of the Year’ to a care team technician who excels in their profession.”

As part of the Service Excellence program, there is also a monthly recognition for one nursing employee and one non-nursing employee, says Thomas Kelly, Employee Training Specialist. “The nominations can come from anyone, and the winners are chosen by the senior administration team. Winners receive a dedicated parking spot for the month, as well as other prizes,” he says. “All hospital staff members are invited, as are the winners’ families, and the nominators have an opportunity to share a few words about the winners.”

Get Your Ticket!

 A new initiative involves distributing “Golden Tickets” to patients, should they want to nominate a staff member who provided a great patient experience, O’Neill explains. “The patient experience is very important to us. This ticket gives them the opportunity to tell us about their stay and the care they received, or about an interaction with a staff member that made their day. We have extraordinary nurses and employees here. We want our patients to know they are getting extraordinary care. We are all part of the community, and it’s great when our patients can trust in the care we are providing,” she says.

DAISY Award Winners

And the inaugural DAISY Award goes to …

Jessica Wright, RN
3M Night Shift Clinical Supervisor


The second quarter DAISY Award goes to …

Dawn Johnfroe, RN