Answers to Common Questions about Aurora Pavilion

How long can I expect to be at Aurora Pavilion?

The length of stay at Aurora Pavilion Behavioral Health varies depending on the specific needs of each patient and factors such as progress with treatment goals, success of medication and arrangement of appropriate aftercare.

Is my care covered by my insurance?

Treatment at our facility is covered by most private insurance plans, including Medicare, TriCare and Medicaid. A staff member will ensure that your insurance benefits are verified and will pre-certify your stay with your insurance provider. Please do not hesitate to contact a member of our staff with questions or concerns regarding your coverage.

Is the facility safe?

The safety of all patients, visitors, and staff at our facility is of the utmost importance. Video cameras are used in select areas to maintain a safe and secure hospital environment. Additionally, upon arrival patients and their belongings are searched for contraband. All contraband and valuables will be sent home at the time of admission. Contraband includes items such as weapons, lighters, drugs, breakables, cell phones, laptops, beepers, products containing alcohol, sharps and personal medications. For additional information, view our approved items and NOT approved items.

Is my treatment confidential?

Complete confidentiality is an important right of all patients seeking treatment. Your treatment will be discussed in a discreet manner only with those individuals directly involved in your care. Also, because of confidentiality policies, we cannot notify family members or friends regarding your hospitalization. We follow all HIPAA policies.

Is my family involved in my treatment and therapy?

Family involvement is an essential part of treatment. With your consent, a clinician will contact your family to provide treatment information and arrange for family treatment when appropriate.

What programs are available?

Our facility offers psychiatric and chemical dependency treatment programs for individuals suffering from a range of conditions, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, behavioral issues, and substance abuse issues. Treatment is available for children, adolescents, adults and senior adults.

When can my family visit or call?

Patients spend a great deal of time in educational sessions, meetings with their doctors and counselors, therapy sessions and support groups during the treatment programs. To maximize progress with treatment goals, we do not want to interrupt this therapy schedule. For this reason, visitation hours and telephone hours are limited to specific times each day. The patient handbooks indicate visiting and phone times for each unit.

How can I begin treatment?

Aurora Pavilion Behavioral Health offers free 24-hour needs assessments and referrals. During this confidential evaluation, a member of our professional staff will meet with you, review your needs and explain your treatment options. If treatment at our facility is not appropriate, we will refer you to the agency or specialist who can best meet your needs. To get started, call us at 803-641-5900 or 800-273-7911.

Get Help for Yourself or a Loved One

Aurora Pavilion Behavioral Health Services offers a free, comprehensive community service called RESPOND. This resource is designed to assist you by providing free clinical assessments, information and referral services for psychiatric problems and substance use disorder. The RESPOND team of professionals are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 803-641-5900 or 800-273-7911.