Our Benefits are the Definition of Generous

People are what make Aiken Regional Medical Centers the quality healthcare facility we are today. That’s why we show our appreciation with a setting that’s a pleasure to work in and generous benefits for employees who work at least 20 hours/week (eligibility begins 31 days after hire date or status change). Benefits include:

  • Medical Coverage
  • Stock Purchase Plan
  • Dental Coverage   
  • Tuition Reimbursement Plan
  • Vision Coverage   
  • Basic/Supplemental Life Insurance   
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Flexible Spending Accounts   
  • Paid Time Off
  • 401(K)/Retirement Plan   
  • Matching Gift Programs
  • Short-/Long-Term Disability    

Our Benefits Philosophy

ARMC’s benefits program supports our commitment to Service Excellence by offering flexible, competitive and comprehensive programs. By competitive, we mean that our benefits compare well within our industry and market place. By flexible, we mean that you can select benefits that are right for you at any stage in your life. By comprehensive, we mean that the benefits program offers access to providers, affordability and a variety of coverage. We are also committed to providing you with quality service and with information and tools to make well-informed benefits decisions.

Who is Eligible for Benefits?

You are eligible for benefits if you are an employee who is regularly scheduled to work at least 20 hours per. ARMC also allows you to choose some benefits for your eligible dependents, including your legal spouse.

When Do Benefits Become Effective?

Benefits become effective 30 days after your date of hire. 

What are the Health Benefit Choices?

Medical: ARMC offers several comprehensive plans that cover the same services and supplies but have different deductibles, co-payments and out-of-pocket maximums. All plans cover the following medical services:

  • Hospital
  • Surgical expenses
  • Diagnostic X-ray and lab expenses
  • No deductible or cost share for preventive care, including women’s preventive healthcare services and contraception
  • Emergency services
  • Physician services
  • Prescription drugs
  • Mental health benefits

Dental: ARMC offers two dental plan options that cover the same care and services, but differ in deductibles, co-payments and annual maximum allowances. Both plans provide benefits for preventive services such as oral exams, basic services such as fillings and root canals, major services such as crowns and orthodontic services.

Vision: The plan will pay 100 percent of the cost after your deductible, for periodic vision exams, frames and clear lenses when you use a network provider. The plan will also pay benefits for medically required or cosmetic contact lenses. If you use a non-member location, the plan also covers these services, but the benefits will be lower. 

Life Insurance: We provide all benefit-eligible employees with basic life insurance equal to one times your annual base pay, plus options of supplemental life insurance coverage that ensures the employee’s life up to seven times your annual base pay (to a maximum of $1,000,000). 

Accidental Death and Dismemberment: AD&D is provided at no cost to you for coverage equal to one times your base pay, up to a maximum of $500,000. This coverage pays a benefit to your beneficiary if you die or are severely injured due to accidental injury.

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI): ARMC offers $25K- $300K of PAI for yourself and your eligible dependents. Dependents will be covered for a percentage of your coverage.

Dependent Life Insurance: ARMC offers life insurance protection for your family by choosing one of five dependent life insurance plans.

Short-Term Disability (STD): Coverage provides financial protection if you become ill or injured and are unable to work starting on your eighth day of disability and continuing for up to twelve (12) or twenty-five (25) weeks depending on the plan you choose. The benefit pays 60% of your base pay – up to $1,000 per week – offset by any other income you receive. 

Long-Term Disability (LTD): Coverage provides financial protection if you become ill or injured for an extended period of time. This benefit pays up to 60% of your monthly base pay. This benefit provides two plans from which to choose. The difference between the plans is the time you are required to wait before your disability payments begin: either 90 days or 180 days. ARMC provides the LTD Plan 180 to full time employees at no cost.

Retirement Savings Plan: You may participate in our qualified 401(k) retirement savings plan by contributing 1% to 25% of your pay on a pre-tax basis. We also match a portion of your savings. You may join the plan after your first 30 days of employment , if you are 21 years of age, and are regularly scheduled to work at least twenty (20) hours per week.

Stock Purchase Plan: You may purchase company common stock (Universal Health Services, Inc.) at a 10% discount. You may join after your first 30 days of employment if you have attained the age of majority in your state of residence, and are regularly scheduled to work at least twenty (20) hours per week. You may invest up to $1000 per month through payroll deductions.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs): FSAs allow you to set aside your own pre-tax dollars to cover qualified expenses that you would normally pay with post-tax dollars. You may set aside up to $2,500 per year in a Healthcare FSA to pay for eligible expenses for yourself or dependents. These expenses could be medical, dental and vision expenses not covered by your benefit plan. You may also set aside up to $5,000 per year in a Dependent Care FSA to pay for eligible day care or dependent care expenses for children or adults.

Additional Benefits

Paid Time Off (PTO) and Extended Leave Bank (ELB) is available to benefit-eligible employees for time away from work. PTO is accrued per pay period and is used for vacations, holidays and sick days. ELB is accrued per pay period and is used for prolonged sick time. 

Note: This information summarizes the UHS Benefits Program, the Retirement Savings Plan, and the Employee Stock Purchase Plan. It is neither a contract nor a promise of employment. The information is subject to change at any time at the discretion of UHS. More detailed benefits information is provided in the UHS Benefits Handbook, Summary Plan Descriptions and plan documents available in the Human Resources Department. If there are inconsistencies between this online summary and the official plan documents and insurance contracts, the documents and contracts shall govern.