Looking Back on a Year of Emergency Care in North Augusta

Man meditatingAugust 30, 2023

“Before us, people had to drive much further for emergency care, and we’ve been able to provide the surrounding multi-state area access to emergency care that they need,” Matt Merrifield, Chief Executive Officer of Aiken Regional Medical Centers, said during ER at Sweetwater’s one-year anniversary celebration with associates.

ER at Sweetwater, the first freestanding emergency department operated by Aiken Regional Medical Centers, opened its doors to the North Augusta community August 9, 2022.

“A year later, the community support is more than we ever could have imagined,” said Merrifield. “In our first year, our ER at Sweetwater team has cared for more than 21,000 patients, which is nearly half of what our hospital emergency department sees on an annual basis. We’ve also taken care of more than 1,300 patients brought in by way of ambulance. Being in this community has allowed EMS teams to get patients to an emergency department quicker [due to closer proximity], which allows EMS teams to get back out on the road and available for additional patients.”

So, what is that sets ER at Sweetwater apart? “Our team provides amazing care with respect and kindness,” said Jenny Meuse, Manager of ER at Sweetwater. “That’s why our patients love us.”

“This group has set the bar for service. Patients trust that we get the quality right; the service they assume. And we’re exceeding both of those expectations,” said Merrifield. “We have a passion for people.”

It’s important to have access to top-notch, nearby emergency care. “Access remains a big issue in our community,” said Merrifield. “We’re looking forward to growing this facility and expanding access points throughout the community.”

The full-service emergency department will continue to deliver emergency care and outpatient services in a convenient setting. In addition to emergency care, ER at Sweetwater provides various outpatient services. Patients have access to a full-service laboratory and imaging onsite with X-ray and computerized tomography (CT) imaging in an outpatient setting. Outpatient services are available for non-emergent lab, X-ray and CT imaging services 24 hours a day, seven days a week with a physician’s order.

 ER at Sweetwater is located at 160 Austin Graybill Road in North Augusta. The facility is staffed 24/7 by physicians and other emergency medicine specialists. When minutes matter, ER at Sweetwater is here for you.