Rooftop solar panels reduce environmental impact

Rooftop solar panels reduce environmental impact

Aiken Regional Medical Centers is taking a big step in the direction of reducing our carbon footprint with the launch of energy conservation projects, including the recent installation of rooftop solar panels.

In just one year, our potential environmental savings from the use of solar panels could be the equivalent of:

  • 17.8 cars taken off the road
  • 28.1 acres of trees saved
  • 83,566 gallons of water conserved

Solar panel system performance

Our solar panel system performance page show in real time the amount of power produced on a minute by minute basis, as well as by day, month and lifetime. The environmental benefits from the use of our solar panels are also shown.

Solar Panel System Performance >

Future energy-saving projects

Aiken Regional's future green projects include retrofitting lights, improving the operational efficiency of HVAC systems and exploring additional alternative energy sources.

Our commitment to improving the environment

Two directors describe the actions Aiken Regional and its management company, UHS of Delaware, are taking to reduce the environmental impact of healthcare operations at affiliates of Universal Health Services, Inc. (UHS).

"UHS is committed to long-term reduction in energy consumption and reducing our carbon footprint. As part of our management initiatives, UHS of Delaware has begun a four-year project and committed $45 million to this effort to reduce energy consumption through projects such as lighting retrofits, commissioning projects to improve operating efficiency of our HVAC systems and considering alternate energy sources such as solar to reduce our reliance on traditional energy sources."

Ben Scimeca
Senior Director Corporate Facilities

"Aiken Regional Medical Centers is the first acute care UHS affiliate to go solar. Aiken Regional has installed an onsite generation capacity of 100 KW. Since 2013, Aiken Regional Medical Centers campus has received the Energy Star certification by reducing total emissions and numerous energy initiatives. In 2018, UHS of Delaware will be introducing a new program called EMPower UHS that will further reduce our affiliates' energy consumption."

Ray Hoyer
Director of Plant Operations
Aiken Regional Medical Centers