The Sleep Evaluation Center

sleepThe Sleep Evaluation Center at Aiken Regional Medical Centers is dedicated to the successful diagnosis of sleep-related disorders. The center contains four private bedrooms, each with modern equipment to perform specialized studies of breathing, seizures and abnormal behaviors during sleep. Sleep studies are usually conducted at night in rooms that have been designed to make your stay as much like home as possible. The Sleep Evaluation Center’s clean, spacious sleeping rooms include a full-size bed, recliner, cable TV and DVD/VCR player. A sleep technologist is available throughout the sleep study to attend to any patient needs or questions.

Insurance and Fees
Medicare and most insurance plans generally cover the sleep study test. Contact your insurance company for verification of benefits or feel free to ask our business office for assistance.

Do You Have a Sleep Disorder?

These symptoms may be disturbing to you and your partner, and could also be signs of a possible sleep disorder that can affect your physical health and well-being.
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You may have a sleep disorder if you:

  • Snore loudly
  • Gasp or choke while sleeping
  • Feel sleepy or doze off while watching TV, reading or driving
  • Have difficulty sleeping three nights a week or more
  • Feel unpleasant tingling, or nervousness in your legs when trying to sleep
  • Wake up with a headach

If you've experienced one or more of the signs above, you should make an appointment to discuss your sleep difficulties with your physician.

Contact Us

For more information, contact the Sleep Evaluation Center at Aiken Regional Medical Centers, 803-641-5370.

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Healthful sleep habits can ease the severity of sleep problems, but many people need medical treatment to get a good night’s sleep.