Meet the Women Who Have Been There

Breast Cancer survivors

When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, she moves into survival mode, where her goal is simply to put one foot in front of the other. After treatment, she can begin the transition from surviving to thriving. The Cancer Care Institute of Carolina at Aiken Regional is proud to share the stories of four remarkably courageous women who faced the many challenges of breast cancer and came out on top! Along the journey, each received education, compassion and support from Carolyn Cook, RN, Breast Health Nurse Navigator.

"When someone is diagnosed with breast cancer, it can be overwhelming. They now have a lot of new information to absorb, appointments to coordinate and decisions to make — all at a very difficult time. My goal is to help make things as simple as possible, so that patients and their families can focus on healing and keeping up with all the other demands in their lives.

I track abnormal mammogram reports every day and schedule follow-up appointments. I hold their hands during a biopsy. I answer questions. I teach them how to care for themselves at home. Most of all, I listen. The most rewarding part of my job is being here for them emotionally. Many times, they come in frightened, and by the time they leave, they’re hugging me and saying, 'I can do this!'"

Janis Pippen Wadsworth 

"On this, the 20th anniversary of my beloved Aunt Jane’s death to breast cancer, my letter came. The diagnosis was the fear of every woman."

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Mary Anne Cavanaugh

"My mother had breast cancer. So actually my story began as a young child as I watched my mother gracefully take on her cancer not once, but twice."

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Yvonne Johnson

"I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in September 2015. So many thoughts entered my mind."

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Trinh Dang

Less than a week after her very first mammogram, Trinh was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer.

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