"I Had the Best Hospital Experience!"

July 26, 2018
Pamela O'Neil and horse, Seth

Pamela enjoys taking care of her friend’s horse, Seth, on her farm.

Pamela O’Neil had been coughing for a week and felt a heaviness in her lungs. She arrived at the hospital early in the morning and was immediately greeted by two nurses with big smiles, asking how they could help her. “I was quickly tended to and before I knew it, two other nurses arrived to take me to an exam room and check my vital signs,” she says. She was impressed with the organization, cleanliness of the facility and how quickly she was assessed before waiting to be seen by the doctor.

“I was there during the shift change and it was seamless. The same level of service, the smiles, the concern – it all continued. The only thing that changed was the names of the nurses on the white board in my room,” she says. When Christina Millhouse, MD, came in to examine O’Neil, she ordered a chest X-ray to rule out pneumonia. “Dr. Millhouse took the extra time to review the X-rays herself, and I was grateful to learn that I didn’t have pneumonia,” says O’Neil. To address O’Neil’s concerns, Dr. Millhouse asked two nurses to accompany her on a walk around the corridors, and then re-checked her oxygen levels. “She didn’t have to do that, but her caring and compassion meant the world to me. I still had that heavy feeling in my chest,” says O’Neil. “So Dr. Millhouse prescribed some steroids, and after a few days, I was feeling back to normal.”

O’Neil explains her story isn’t just about her; it’s about the team of people who came together to provide excellent care when she needed it. “They were genuinely interested in making sure I had a great experience, and it was very uplifting. Keep up the good work, Aiken Regional, and your unselfish staff. I appreciate you more than ever! I am one of your most ardent cheerleaders, pom poms and all!”

Dr. Millhouse is happy Pamela felt she received excellent care, but says it is simply what they do every day. “We care for every patient, no matter the medical issue or time of day. We are proud to serve the Aiken community this way,” she says.

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