“Expecting” a great experience

May 20, 2019
Harmonie and her baby

When Harmonie Bellamy went into labor, she was excited to meet her first baby, a mere two and a half hours later.

“It was January 31, and I was one day short of 39 weeks,” she says. “This was my first child, and I wanted to have the full birthing experience as naturally as possible without being induced.” The medical staff at the Women’s LifeCare Center provided all of that, and more.

Thanks to everything she learned in the childbirth preparation classes at Aiken Regional, Bellamy knew what to expect for her baby’s arrival. Her parents brought her to the hospital and Bellamy was taken to a birthing room where nurses started monitoring her. “The nurses checked me regularly and I was just focusing on the contractions,” she says.

A team of nurses was with Bellamy the entire time providing comfort and support. “They put me at ease, especially when the contractions became stronger. They knew what to do, and they respected that I wanted to do this naturally, without an epidural,” says Bellamy.

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It takes a team

Before she knew it, Bellamy was ready to deliver. “Everyone jumped into action. Two pushes and my baby was born,” says Bellamy. “He did not wait for the doctor, the nurses delivered him! The doctor arrived shortly after and could not believe how fast my son was born, especially since this was my first child. I couldn’t believe it, either. Two and a half hours, start to finish! I was lucky I went to the hospital when I did!”

Still overwhelmed, Bellamy can’t say enough about how great her experience at Aiken Regional was. “It was the easiest labor. They have the best nurses, and I am just so thrilled with the care my baby and I received. My doctors are amazing as well – everyone worked together to make this a wonderful experience, from the time I arrived until the time I left, they took great care of us,” enthuses Bellamy. “My baby had some difficulty with feeding at first, but there was a little trick the nurse showed me that encouraged my baby to take the bottle.”

She was also appreciative of the private postpartum room and personal touches provided, such as a gift bag filled with snacks, as well as a treasure box given to her by one of the nurses, which was made by a local resident.

Bellamy wants everyone to know about the care she and her baby received. She is glad she chose Aiken Regional because her doctors are here and everyone takes their jobs very seriously. “The Childbirth Center is updated, and the staff here is totally equipped to handle any situation. I won’t go anywhere else!”

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Knowing what to expect during pregnancy and the birthing process can make for a smoother experience.

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For Babies’ Sake Support Group

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