Orthopedic Services at Aiken Regional Medical Centers

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Orthopedic Services at Aiken Regional

Aiken Regional Medical Centers offers a comprehensive range of advanced orthopedic services, including:

  • Arthroscopic surgery
  • Total joint replacement
  • Hand surgery
  • Sports medicine
  • Spine surgery
  • Foot surgery
  • Trauma treatment
  • And more......

Joint Academy

The Joint Academy at Aiken Regional Medical Centers: Patient-Focused Care

Thanks to recent medical advances, more and more people with painful arthritic joints are electing to have total joint replacement procedures so they can live fuller, more active lives. But recovering from surgery can be challenging.

The Joint Academy at Aiken Regional Medical Centers specializes in the care of patients who have undergone hip or knee replacement surgery. The Joint Academy’s dedicated team of orthopedic surgeons, anesthesiologists, physical therapists and nurses work together to provide exceptional patient care in a nurturing and healing environment. We are committed to helping our patients return to the quality of life they enjoyed before experiencing joint pain.

A comprehensive patient education program, along with a focus on “coaching” is a key element of the Academy experience. Patients work with their “coach,” (a family member or friend, who will continue support at home), along with the Joint Academy’s team, to return them to their active life as quickly as possible.

Patients are treated as "well" people who are temporarily inconvenienced by a "sick" joint. Emphasizing the importance of group therapy, the program’s plan of recovery includes the patient, physician, nurses, physical therapists, coach and case manager. Patients are encouraged to dress in their own clothes and have physical therapy and other activities in a group setting, in addition to individualized therapy sessions.

A program tailored to patients’ individual goals

The progressive rehabilitation program at the Joint Academy is designed to help each patient achieve the highest possible level of independence. Licensed physicians and occupational therapists at the Academy have years of experience and utilize proven, evidence-based therapies to achieve optimal patient outcomes.

Our goal is to fully engage patients and their loved ones — from the moment the surgical decision is made to the transition home. We stress to patients that they are well, better preparing them for the best possible outcome. Individuals, their families and joint replacement specialists work together following surgery as the patient begins the journey to recovery. Prior to surgery, patients and caregivers attend a comprehensive educational class to help understand what to expect and how to progress through recovery.

The Road to Recovery …

After joint replacement surgery, depending on their procedure and overall health, patients are encouraged by the inpatient physical therapy (PT) staff to be up and walking as soon as possible. The Joint Academy’s dedicated nursing staff care for patients around the clock, controlling their pain and providing postsurgical monitoring.

Rehabilitation focuses on exercises and activities to enhance function and mobility. Our physical therapists work closely with patients and their physicians to evaluate progress. Then they develop an individualized home exercise plan designed to help restore each patient’s highest level of function.

Based on patients’ progress, we work with their physicians to recommend a follow-up plan. The physician may prescribe short-term rehabilitation, home health or an outpatient physical therapy program. Each patient receives written instructions, with encouragement to follow them diligently. The patient’s participation in physical therapy is a vital part of successful recovery.

Contact Us to Get Started

For more information about the Joint Academy or to sign up for an information seminar call 803-641-5451.

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For more information about The Joint Academy or to sign up for an information seminar call 803-641-5451.

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