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The only freestanding women’s diagnostic services center in the CSRA offers comprehensive care.

Womens LifeCare Diagnostic ServicesWomen’s LifeCare Diagnostic Services at Aiken Regional Medical Centers offers an exceptional level of care and comfort for women in Aiken and the surrounding areas. Here you’ll find all-digital mammography, routine X-rays, bone density screening and stereotactic breast biopsies — performed by a certified, all-female staff in conjunction with board certified radiologists and surgeons.

Digital mammography minimizes appointment time because there’s no waiting for film to develop.

The technology can also improve results. Lisa Hill, Mammography Supervisor, explains that digital mammograms can be viewed on a computer, allowing improved transmission, and the images can be manipulated to aid in the identification of tumors.

“Those who have normal test results receive a letter of confirmation,” says Hill. “Our Breast Health Nurse Navigator contacts women with abnormal results, and she guides them through the process of additional tests or consultation with their doctor.”

Helping women through the process of testing, detection and treatment is the priority of a caring staff, dedicated to enhancing the comfort of patients.

“All of us have been touched by breast cancer in some way,” says Hill, “so we go the extra mile to help women take care of themselves.”

Breast Cancer ScreeningsEarly breast cancer often has no symptoms, so it’s important to get recommended screenings. Every woman should also conduct monthly self-exams and follow these risk-reducing lifestyle choices.     

Go easy on alcohol. Limit yourself to no more than one drink a day.

Don’t smoke. Evidence suggests a link between breast cancer and smoking.

Control your weight. You’re especially at risk if obesity occurs after menopause.

Get physically active. The Department of Health and Human Services says do at least 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity, plus strength training at least twice a week.

Sources: American Cancer Society, The Mayo Clinic

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Womens LifeCare Diagnostics

Women’s LifeCare Diagnostic Services is located at 400 Medical Center Drive on the campus of Aiken Regional Medical Centers. Call 803-641-5808 to schedule an appointment.

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Your Complete
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