Quality of Life July-September 2013

Quality of Life, Summer 2013

Quality of Life Online is a comprehensive online publication — updated regularly — that offers health information, safety tips and other information that can help enhance the health and well being of residents of Aiken and surrounding areas.

CEO Carlos Milanes Aiken Regional Medical Centers
Read a message from Aiken Regional CEO Carlos Milanes.
Understanding Stroke Aiken Regional Medical Centers
Know the signs, act in time.
Be Stroke Smart Aiken Regional Medical Centers
Take this stroke risk quiz.
Relieving Back Pain Aiken Regional Medical Centers
William E. Durrett, Jr., MD, Interventional Pain Specialist at The Pain Center at Aiken Neurosciences, discusses the new procedure giving some patients another option to avoid major surgery.
Prostate Cancer Myths Aiken Regional Medical Centers
There’s a lot of confusion about how to prevent prostate cancer, how to find it early and the best way to treat it. We address some common myths to help men separate fact from fiction.
Young Women and STDs Aiken Regional Medical Centers
Many young women underestimate their risk for contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD), but statistics tell a different story.
Endoscopic Ultrasound Aiken Regional Medical Centers
Helping doctors ‘see through walls’ to treat early stage GI disease.
Young Women and Healthcare Aiken Regional Medical Centers
As young women start to make more of their own decisions, some of the most important choices they face are related to their health.
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Quality of Life

Carlos Milanes

Leopoldo Muniz, MD
Chairman, Board of Governors

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Chief of Staff

Sharon Hagan
Administrative Director of Business Development/Physician Services

Melissa Summer
Director of Marketing

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Community and Physician Relations Manager

Robert D. Schwartz, Jr.
Director of Business Development – Aurora Pavilion

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