Quality of Life January-March 2013

Quality of Life

Quality of Life Online is a comprehensive online publication — updated regularly — that offers health information, safety tips, recipes and other information that can help enhance the health and well being of residents of Aiken and surrounding areas.

CEO Carlos Milanes Aiken Regional Medical Centers
Read a message from Aiken Regional CEO Carlos Milanes.
Oletha Minto, MD Aiken Regional Medical Centers
Oletha Minto, MD was startled to learn that the fatigue she attributed to being a working mom was actually a sign of cardiovascular disease.
Women and Heart Disease Aiken Regional Medical Centers
The stereotype is that heart disease is a man’s problem. Yet since 1984, more women have died from cardiovascular disease (CVD) than men.
Heart Care at Home Aiken Regional Medical Centers
How can a prospective patient evaluate a hospital’s cardiovascular center? Ask about its “D2B".
Meet the Cardiovascular Institute Aiken Regional Medical Centers
Meet the members of the Cardiovascular Institute of Carolina.
Workplace Wellness Aiken Regional Medical Centers
Workplace Wellness offers a wide range of services to help you keep your employees healthy and to improve your bottom line.
Women Enlighted Aiken Regional Medical Centers
In just 12 months, Aiken Regional's WE program has attracted over 1,000 members and continues to grow.
Needing Emergency Care Aiken Regional Medical Centers
A visit to the emergency room can be stressful if you encounter a long wait. Know what to expect when you come to the ER.
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Carlos Milanes

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Community and Physician Relations Manager

Robert D. Schwartz, Jr.
Director of Business Development – Aurora Pavilion

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